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Porcelain Painting

Refining white porcelain by decorating it with artistic paintings is one of the main fields of my work. Inspired by the blaze of colours and the manifoldness in nature, I enjoy painting individual objects but also whole crockery sets, with patience, a steady hand and fine brushstrokes.

Some examples of my work:

You can find more pictures in my Gallery

Depending on size, type and purpose I paint the porcelain with:

As a finishing touch I like to add preparations in gold and silver and perform figure staffage on the painted porcelain. Furthermore I replace missing pieces in incomplete crockery and touch up discoloured gold coating. On request I can provide further information about porcelain painting, presently available porcelain objects and prices

Picture Painting

Painting constitutes the second focal point of my artistic activity. When choosing the respective subjects, nature is my source of inspiration in most cases. Alongside detailed pictures of plants or animals, I also create abstract paintings, which, in their colours and shapes, have been inspired by nature. Another field of activity is the realistic reproduction of technical objects such as vehicles and machines. Here, I combine the fotorealistic reproduction of these motives with abstract backgrounds. Depending on the subject, I paint the pictures in oil, watercolour or acrylic techniques. My experience resulting from my work with porcelain, where ornamental techniques are applied on many occasions, is often integrated here by using gold leaf ornaments and three-dimensional elements.

Here are some examples of my work:

You can find more pictures in my Gallery

On request I would be glad to provide further information about paintings and prices.

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