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Melanie Foster is an artist who is inspired by her love of art and life. From childhood on, which she spent in the region of Weserbergland, Holzminden, Weser (Lower Saxony), she was fascinated by the art of painting and spent a great deal of her free time with painting pictures. After her time at school she started her professional career and was trained as an artist at the porcelain factory Fürstenberg where she passed with distinction. In the following years, she intensively studied famous artists who painted subjects like flowers, fruit and hunting. She also dealt with gold decoration and figure staffage. Besides enjoying the painting of subjects that occur in nature, she managed to refine her skills even further by painting full particulars of the respective objects. She rendered her sound education, her capabilities and knowledge as well as her enthusiasm for colours and shapes successfully in product development of the porcelain factory Fürstenberg near Hannover. Among other things, she was responsible there for colleagues and trainees who studied the subject of hand painting. Her further education in oil and watercolour painting enabled her to express her feelings for nature in an impressive way both on canvas and paper. Since 1996 she has been working in her own studio both for commercial and private customers. Her artistic spontaneity and the individual requests of her customers are a continuous inspiration for her. By now, numerous customers all over Europe appreciate the particularity of nature paintings on porcelain as well as her successful interpretations of themes relating to nature and technical objects in oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings. It is a personal challenge for her to be able to pass on her abilities to artistically gifted persons who are interested in painting. Individually selected seminars therefore constitute an important part of her work. Moreover, some of her works are regularly displayed in selected exhibitions in different places all over the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 2011 she has been working in a newly-designed studio in the Weserbergland. This is where both her porcelain and painting works are created. Intensive seminar training with a focus on the subject of porcelain painting also takes place in these surroundings in a pleasant atmosphere in only small groups.



Guest of Honor, "Salon de Peinture sur Porcelaine"

Congres Montreal, Second Prix


Published the 4th Book "Flower Fantasy"


Planning of the 4th Book "Flower Fantasy"

Development of exclusive hand-painted on crystal glazes for porcelain manufacturer Fürstenberg


photorealistic oil paintings for the Wirtgen GmbH / Windhagen

Presentation of photo realistic works for the hosts Group at Bauma Munich


Book author: "Porcelain painting - EXOTICA"

Participation in exhibition "Peinture sur porcelaine" in Lyon, France

Interactional room design with art / photorealistic oil paintings for Victor Baumann GmbH & Co. KG


New painting studio in Bad Pyrmont

Formative residence in South-Korea


Interactional room design with art / photorealistic oil paintings for Petri Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG, Ottenstein

Formative residence in Japan


Interactional room design with art / photorealistic oil paintings for: Vögele AG, Mannheim; Hamm AG, Tirschenreuth; Kleemann GmbH, Göppingen

Formative residence in New York


Book author: "Porcelain painting - A Passion for Roses"

Took part in the exhibition in De Reehorst in Ede, The Netherlands


Interactional room design with art / photorealistic oil paintings for Wirtgen GmbH, Windhagen

Participated in the exihibition "Porcelain Painting Today", Kultur Casino Bern, Switzerland


Exhibition: Photorealistic oil paintings, Porschzentrum Kassel

Took part in the Fondation Pierre Gianadda Martigny, Switzerland

Book author: "Porcelain painting - Experiencing Nature"


Took part in the Meissen Trophy

Potsdam, Germany: Silver medal winner

Exhibition: Photorealistic oil paintings, Mercedes Benz RKG, Bonn


Exhibition: Oil and Acryl Paintings, Hornburg/Harz


Own painting studio in Emmerthal, Germany, gave porcelain painting seminars in other schools

Formative residence in South Africa


Exhibition: Oil and Acryl Paintings, Castle Dringenberg, Bad Driburg


Self-employed as a porcelain painter, seminar teacher, free lance artist, own painting studio in Höxter, Germany


Worked in the product development department in the Fürstenberg manufactory


Trained in different painting techniques


Trained at the former Herzoglich Braunschweigische Porzellanmanufaktur Fürstenberg, Germany

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